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Why Boracay?
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Boracay is a unique island. As a foreigner, you can avail of all the comfort of home: fast internet, HD satellite TV, fine wine, cold cuts and fine cheese. There are a large number of very good restaurants, bars, clubs. There is a large expat community and a new International school. Life is simple and luxurious at the same time.

For the owner who does not live permanently on the island, Property Management services are available. This means your villa is always looked after in your absence.


We now see an increase in buyers activity and the Real Estate value is already increasing due to the upgrading of Caticlan airport to International status. The new airport can now accommodate Airbus 320 type of airplanes. It will be possible to come directly from Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, without stopping in Manila when the new airport terminal is completed in 2018!

This will greatly facilitate the access to Boracay!

Tourism on the island is also on the increase.  From 900,000 visitors in 2011, the number have increased to 1,700,000 in 2016. There will be a further increase in 2017. BORACAY Island has become a sought after destination!